Information Sheet for Parents on Selection Process

BWHA Representative Player

Selection Procedure

The BWHA Board of Management appoints the respective age Selection Committee, whose members agree to perform their duties per the signed Selector Agreement document following the Representative Selection Committee procedures.

BWHA appoint either the MDM (U13/U15 & U18) or RDO (U11) to selection Committee (under age divisions).

Nominee’s details are imported direct from the player online selection trial player registration.
The MDM/RDO prepares groups for trials based on rep history, position, competition level and approx. numbers required per session/overall number of participants.
The MDM/RDO allocates alphabetically by Surname an identification number which is the same as the allocated bib used per nominee at trials, players keep the same number for the entire trial period.
Selectors and Coaches are provided with all playing details for each nominee at trial games (Club details are not listed).
Coaches are asked to ensure all nominees receive equal game time and play in both 1st and 2nd preferred positions.
Participants are encouraged to speak openly to Coaches if they wish to trial in a certain position and haven’t yet had the opportunity.
BWHA appoint where possible Development Coaches/ Representative Coaches/ Experienced Senior Representative players to perform the duties of selection trials Coach with the aim to give each nominee a quality experience and positive exposure to representative hockey.
Selectors are provided with a document listing each nominee’s playing details and club/ team/ divisional information for use whilst watching weekly fixtures during the trial process.
Selectors are required to rate each nominee from 1 – 7;

(1 = highest skill level displayed/game sense) to (7 = lowest skill level displayed/game sense).

Selectors are required to make comments/notes supporting their rating of each nominee.
Selectors confidentially discuss/meet after each session or communicate via confidential email, discussing the outcomes and thoughts of each player / team requirements where possible.
Selectors and MDM/RDO discuss any player movement between sessions – This will depend on the strategy that selectors introduce to see players perform, some examples follow;

Prospective team v Prospective team
Strong Mid Field & Striker lines v Strong Defensive lines

There shall be 3-4 weeks of trial games set per age division. The 4th week, if required may be a squad trial wherein a smaller group of players nominated may be required to participate in an additional trial game. This is designed to further assist the Selectors to make final decisions re player selections. Often applicable to players not selected in Southern Cross Squads.
The Southern Cross Tournament is a vital stage to the BWHA selection process.
The Southern Cross Committee determine the competition rules stating that only 1 team from the Southern Cross Associations may participate in Division 1.
The Southern Cross Committee have approved 4 BWHA squads to compete as at 2017.

The Convenor of the Selection Committee completes the Selection Pro Forma listing the 4 squads of players to participate at the Southern Cross Tournament and this is ratified by the BWHA Board of Management.

*Southern Cross Squads may vary from 14 – 16 players pending the selection    committee recommendation.

The appointed BWHA selectors and MDM/RDO will attend the Southern Cross Tournament as the final stage in the selection of State Championship teams.

The Convenor of the Selection Committee completes the Selection Pro Forma listing the Selected Teams to attend State Championships and this is ratified by the BWHA Board of Management.

The Pro Forma will list respective teams and a shadow team (players ranked per position) and list all non-selected nominees.

If BWHA receive player requests from other Associations or have player movement due to withdrawal or injury then the MDM shall refer to the Pro Forma in particular the ranked player shadow list and discuss with the Convenor of Selectors and contact players individually if an offer is to be made to a shadow player or in any case of player movement in teams.

Players who withdraw are not permitted to be released to another Association.